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Educate by teaching: results of an educational project in Burundi

Burundi, Waterfront  Hotel Bujumbura, July 11th 2012. It was a great day for all AVSI Burundi’s staff, after an eleven-years presence in the country carrying out education and food security projects.  The results of AVSI’s effort , especially in the field of training, were presented  on the occasion of the end of an educational intervention,  co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair, to strengthen the living conditions of people in the rural areas of Matongo, Muruta, Kabarore and Businga districts, Burundi.
The event was attended by about a hundred people, including Luisa Cogo -Cdo Opere Educative , representatives of the school sector, Sara Pedersini -  AVSI Desk officer for Burundi, Rwanda and DR Congo, Paskal Mukene and Dirt Jansen from the Belgian Cooperation.
The pedagogical advisers of the Bureax Pedagogiques, Ministry of Education of Burundi, were the direct beneficiaries of the training activities (2 groups of 30 people each)  and, in their turn, they trained teachers (about  900) of the project area. This represented an interesting and unusual  opportunity to cooperate directly with the Ministry of Education!
The event was chaired by Aloys Micomibi -  DGB - Direction Générale des Bureaux Pédagogiques - Adviser , Christine Bantenyakandi and Oscar Mushengezi - Pedagogical advisers , Franco Delpini -Cdo Opere Educative - FOE , Monica Treu - AVSI representative in Burundi,  Marco Ziliotto - AVSI Education officer in Burundi.
Franco Delpini, reference for the training activities, summarized the key points of the work done, which was focused on the educational approach emerging from Luigi Giussani’s work The risk of education” and applied to the different school subjects according to the principle” educate by teaching”.
Christine Bantenyakandiand Oscar Mushengezi underlined the results of this joint path and the points of strength and weakness  of the partnership. Christine said the positive results reached encourage teachers to  have an holistic approach  to education,  which allow them to introduce children to total reality.
Analyzing  the strengths,  Oscar showed how the approach of the work really helps to reach the goals set forth as priorities by  the Government of Burundi.
It was very interesting the witness of a teacher: “Aged 56 and with a long teaching experience, I thought I had a good knowledge of concepts such as authority, tradition…. But the way these themes have been developed during the training sessions had led me up to a new awareness that allowed me to change, not only at school but at home too”.
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