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A delegation of European members of the Parliament visited Cojasca and the Mosaic Factory

On May 26th, the delegation headed by Hannes Swoboda, President of the group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament got to know the roma people way of life in the Fantanele village, Cojasca, Dambovita region, Romania.

Mr. Gheorghe Victor, Mayor of Cojasca, greeted the delegation in the meeting room of the City Hall in order to meet the Responsible for Dambovita, the local counselors, teachers, doctors and the local police together with representatives from FDP Bucharest: Lăcrămioara Rediu, education services coordinator, and Angela Sima, communication coordinator, and those from FDP Dâmboviţa: Ileana Mateescu, branch director, Adrian Lungu, education services coordinator at branch level and the team of social assistants and educators.
Presently, FDP is implementing in Cojasca two different projects cofinanced by the European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Program for the Development of Human Resources: the first project on education, Multiregional partnership for early school dropout prevention, and the second one on occupation, Partnership for occupation in the rural area.
Afterwards, the delegation composed by 50 participants visited the School in Iazu, where they were greeted by the school headmaster Mr. Gheorghe Ion, FDP representants and teachers of the school. The members of the delegation had the chance to speak to the children who were at school for educational activities, accompanied by the FDP team. It was a unique occasion for the FDP team to present their 13 years long activity as well as its impact for these children and the whole Iazu community, with the purpose of giving access to education for the roma children in the community.
In the Fantanele village, the delegation visited the school where a group of young people from the village sang traditional songs.
The FDP team who accompanied the delegationtried to underline  during the visit the importance of investing in constant and durable education which in FDPs case it means 13 years of continuous presence within the community.
Education is the only chance for development of a community like the poor one of the roma people in Cojasca.
On June 28th , 16 members of the European Parliament from this delegation visited the Mosaic Factory, the social enterprise recently opened by FDP thanks to the project Active partnerships for the development of social economy, cofinanced by the European Social Fund through the Operational Sectorial Program for the Development of Human Resources.
The operational director of FDP, Ms. Simona Carobene, presented the method which stood at the origin of the project, a method shared with the AVSI network of which FDP is a part of: attention towards the person, considered in its totality of needs and the attention towards reality which is always positive even in the apparently hopeless situations.
Starting from the desire to offer a real workplace to youngsters in difficulty, FDP and the Menatwork group began a fruitful partnership.
After carefully analyzing the presentation of the other activity domains in which FDP is active (early dropout prevention, occupation services), Bianca Buzetto, the development director of FDP, underlined the importance of the European sustainment: "despite the multiple problems of managing the funds, we believe that the structural funds, the Social European Fund, represent a real occasion for us and for our country."
The members of the Parliament were then invited to see the process of production of the mosaic from cutting the ceramic, composing the mold and gluing. The youngsters explained with a great deal of professionalism and pride the diverse phases of production, underlining the beauty of the product.