22 March Mar 2012 1144 22 March 2012

WORLD WATER DAY – MYANMAR: education and rural development

In Myanmar recent estimates show that the situation of food security is getting worse, due to inadequate nutrition, limited access to health and sanitation services and insufficient water supply for domestic use.

AVSI’s project “Myanmar: education and rural development” aims to improve the living conditions of the population of the Municipality of Pekhon, in  the Taunggyi District,  and the Municipality of Pyawbwe. in the Dry Zone, through the construction of irrigation facilities, the rehabilitation of schools and  distribution of farm equipment.
In particular, the construction of 20 wells, involving local communities, will give them the opportunity to cultivate in larger areas, rotating crops, because the water will be available all the year, not only during the rainy season.
The construction of irrigation facilities, mainly usedfor agriculture, allow improving living conditions of over 2.000 people and indirectly those of about 35.000 people belonging to the 85 villages in the area of intervention.