sostegno a distanza AVSI

Distance Support program.
A small gesture that
helps a child grow up.
Start supporting a child in need
or renew your child sponsorship

With less than 1 euro a day, you will ensure that a child can attend school, has a healthy diet and access to healthcare.

For less than one euro a day you will guarantee a child

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The opportunity to attend school

  • Tuition payment
  • Purchase of uniform and school supplies
  • Enrollment in after-school and other recreational activities
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A healthy diet

  • One meal a day in the school canteen
  • Training caregivers on nutrition issues
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The right to healthcare

  • Medical care and medication
  • Regular check-ups and specialist visits
  • Psychological support

Support a child
with AVSI

Sponsored children in Uganda

Start supporting a child

A small gesture that helps a child grow up.


Frequenza donazione
Bambino sostenuto da AVSI in UGANDA

Marie now attends school and eats well

Marie is 4 years old and lives in Ivory Coast. When AVSI met her, she was severely undernourished. Thanks to the distance support granted by Marco and his wife Laura, Marie’s life has changed.

Today Marie attends the village kindergarten, and her family has received the essentials to provide her with a healthy and nutritious diet. This was all made possible with the help of Laura and Marco.

Do you want to help another little girl like Marie grow up?

Support a child in need

By supporting a child, you create a bond that shortens the distance.

You will have the opportunity to build a strong and authentic bond. Here is what you will receive by supporting a child through AVSI’s Distance Support project:

  • The child’s photo and personal story
  • Their messages, addressed to you
  • The educator’s reports
Bambina sostenuta a distanza in Africa con AVSI
Bambina sostenuta a distanza in Africa con AVSI

Do you want more information?

Send us a message if you want to know more about AVSI's distance support program.