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Education and employment, especially for the disabled, through the establishment of cooperatives and improvements in the quality of education in the country's schools. These are our main activities in the Republic of Congo, where we have been present since 2011.

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AVSI has been working in the Republic of Congo since April 2011 and, since then, has led training and work projects for people with disabilities, funded by the European Union, through professional courses, supporting around 50 craft workshops and literacy activities.

In addition, AVSI carries out work to make general improvements in the quality of education through the renovation of school infrastructure, teacher training, teaching basic hygiene to students' families, and increased parent participation.

The value of cooperatives. At the end of 2016, a three-year project was ended that was funded by the European Union to train young people with disabilities and enabled their integration into the world of work through creating cooperatives of tailors, carpenters, upholsterers, hairdressers, bakers and blacksmiths. AVSI has accompanied them along their journey towards economic independence: from the basic elements of work, up to the financial and administrative management of the cooperatives themselves, the true focus of the project.

“Now I know who I am, a hairdresser. I’m self-sufficient and financially independent”. Elayne is 26 years old; she is deaf and lives in Pointe-Noire, the second largest city in the #RepublicoftheCongo and the main commercial center of the country. In Pointe-Noire, 500 kilometers away from the capital #Brazzaville, more than 7,000 young adults with disabilities live among a total population of 800,000 people. Most of them are completely excluded from the labor market and depend on friends and family support. After three years of taking professional courses, Elayne, with 177 other young adults with disabilities, is finally independent. She and her colleagues learned new skills and are now able to work in recently created cooperatives. This amazing outcome is a result of their strong determination and their integration in a project funded by the European Union (@europeaid) and implemented by AVSI, which main goal was to integrate young adults like her into the workforce through the creation of cooperatives. During the three-year project, these 177 young adults learned how to be tailors, carpenters, upholsterers, hairdressers as well as bakers and blacksmiths. AVSI followed them through their journey to become economical independent: from learning new skills to how to manage their recently created cooperatives, which represent the core of the project. “Those who participated in the project were encouraged to work together in cooperatives, legally recognized by the Government in the Republic of Congo. This way it was easier to reintegrate these young adults in the workforce,” explained Caterina Cipriani, AVSI representative in the Republic of the Congo. #congo #Africa #Cashtransfers #EU #Europe #development #disable #africanstories #africans #africanportraits #africanpeople #african_portraits #portrait #people_and_world #loveafrica #unlimitedafrica #everydayrefugees #everydayafrica #streetphotography #documentaryphoto #documentaryphotography #reportagephoto #charity #couple #africancouple #women #africanwoman #colorful

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