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In memory of Maura Garbero: support Luigi Giussani school in Kampala

Uganda Valore Infinito Maura Garbero
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18 July 2018 update: together we acheived more than the starting goal (40,000 €) reaching the final amount of 45,568 €, thanks to all!

The context

The Luigi Giussani school is located in the Kireka slum, Kampala (Uganda). People who have escaped rural poverty and war, belonging to different tribes live there. In Kireka slum people do not have regular access to food, clean water and medical assistance; the spread of diseases such as AIDS and TB is a major issue for inhabitants.

Data collected by AVSI, in the country since 1984, show that access to quality education is one of the most powerful drivers of change for the local community.

The school

The school was born in 2005 from the initiative of some seriously ill women, mothers of the children of the slum. These women wanted for their children a future different from what they could guarantee them. They broke stones with small hammers in a quarry for a few dollars a day, in order to raise money to build the school.
So far, the school has hosted 1,332 students. Today, thanks to donations from all over Europe, the school offers high quality education to 460 students of the slum while maintaining low fees.

Your long lasting help

With your donation in memory of Maura Garbero you contribute to the scholarships for the students, providing them with school material, medical expenses, development trainings and educational activities.

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